The Rise project won second place in the Decentralized Finance category. This was developed in the Metaverse Hackathon where programmers get together for a short period of time to collaborate on a project. The participants work rapidly and often without sleep to achieve their goal, as the events generally only last 24 hours or take place over a weekend.

 Business strategy, Website development, Social media content

V Santander Award for Business Innovation

Banco Santander "V Santander Award for Business Innovation" with the objective of stimulating in university students the development of small companies gestated in a creative way and with a clear focus. Seeking to reward innovative ideas and businesses of the Puerto Rican student community. I had the opportunity to participate in this competition which I developed an ideat that deals with improving the air quality of interiors.

Start Up University Challenge

Participated in this competition where my idea developed improvements to the air quality of interior environments.